Consider a donation to Eternal Soldier!

Would you enjoy making a positive contribution to our work?


Is making a gift of $100, $500 or $1000 something you are able to do?


Eternal Soldier has a big challenge: to grow and improve our ancient-themed programs and outreach to Veterans. To meet it, we’ve begun a $10,000 fundraising campaign.


Our work centers on informing and educating, furthering dialogue between Veterans and non- Veterans, motivating website visitors to participate in one of our free programs, and finally, providing a forum promoting and deepening understanding of Veteran experience.  We need your financial help!


Send donations to:

Eternal Soldier

c/o Mediterranean Section

Penn Museum

3620 South Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Eternal Soldier Wish List:


Business Cards  $50


Website Contributor

Honorarium   $200


Printed Brochures featuring our Website Content   $500


Website Hosting for One Year   $300


Live Web Event/Conference Hosting - One Session   $350


Texts for “Veterans Reading Homer” Book Group  $500


Lecture Series - One Public Speaking Event  $1000