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Eternal Soldier is archaeologists, classicists, historians, clinicians and veterans working together to present ancient material on war, warriors, combat and society re-purposed for modern Veterans. We are a volunteer collaborative based at the Penn Museum working with Veterans from conflicts in Vietnam, Eastern Europe (Bosnia), Africa (Somalia, OND) and Southwest Asia (Desert Storm, OEF/OIF). We point out the uniqueness of contemporary Veteran experience, but simultaneously, we place that experience on a continuum. Our goal is to empower Veterans, and help them see that their experiences may differ in detail and technological features, but their emotional, spiritual and psychological experiences have a timelessness that unites all warriors.


Eternal Soldier is a collaborative devoted to presenting ancient warrior stories for Veterans.


We take old stories and look at them with new eyes.





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veterans with Odyssey papyrus.jpg

Homer and Beyond: Veterans Read Homer Book Group

Veterans workshop with the Penn Museum's original 1st cent. AD 

copy of Homer's Odyssey


The views expressed on this site in no way reflect those of the US Government and/or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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