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Archaeology Day for Veterans
at Red Bank Battlefield Park

Sunday June 9, 2024, 9am-12pm

100 Hessian Avenue, National Park, NJ 08063


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Located along the banks of the Delaware River, Red Bank Battlefield Park consists of Whitall House, the adjacent battlefield and remains of earthen Fort Mercer. This setting was the backdrop of the Battle of Red Bank during the Revolutionary War in October 1777.

The park features the remnants of the trenches and cannons used by American soldiers against a much larger British and Hessian force. Currently, the house and battlefield are part of the Gloucester County Parks system. The park features picnic pavilions and a scenic path along the Delaware. Tours and activities for Veterans and their families (children 5YO+) will be offered during the day.

Previous excavation in August 2022 uncovered the skeletal remains of 13 Hessian soldiers. A YouTube video with Wade Catts, Director of Excavation, explains what was revealed. 

Archaeology Day for Veterans is a part of a larger program of excavation investigating Fort Mercer, its interior and construction, changes over time, post-Revolution use of the site, presence of Native American artifacts, and battle related artifacts. One June 9, there will be one session: 9am-12pm. Veterans will help dig, work with specialists and process artifacts (screening and washing). Please note: Children under 14YO will not be permitted to work in the excavation trenches or with heavy tools. Screening and artifact cleaning will be available for all. Come prepared to get dirty.

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