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Design Workshops:
Story Map

Let’s Work Together

A grant from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation at Harvard enabled Eternal Soldier to take steps that will help us grow.  On September 18 and October 2 2021, we engaged Veterans as partners to help us design programs that interest them. We orchestrated two, half-day (5 hours), professionally-facilitated, virtual "design workshops" with men and women Veterans, exploring their interests and preferences in archaeology, history, visual culture and literature. We also learned how Eternal Soldier and the Penn Museum may better serve women Veterans and Veterans of color.


During the Design Workshops, we guided Veterans on a virtual museum tour and engaged them with examples of museum resources and artifacts, followed by brainstorming sessions about topics and content of interest to Veterans, as well as unmet educational needs. Through the workshop experience, participants helped us pinpoint specific steps to improve ---and expand--- existing ES programs, as well as ways to increase our organization’s communication and engagement with Veterans. 

In the coming months, we will post to this space lessons learned and our plans for new programs and events.

Design Workshop 0921 #1.jpg

Design Workshop, Sept 2021

Women Veterans Design Workshop 1021.jpg

Design Workshop, Oct 2021

Story Map 

Beginning Nov 8 2022, 12pm Penn Museum

Following the ideas and guidance of our Design Workshop participants, Eternal Soldier presents a unique interactive pathfinder experience for Veterans, Story Map. This program will connect history and Veterans’ experience to Penn Museum artifacts, making the collection available to Veterans in new and exciting ways.


Story Map is an interactive itinerary of objects and places coupled with geographic location and multimedia content, all pulled together to tell a story. Many cities utilize story maps to highlight cultural institutions, local businesses, historical sites and local lore for visitors. Similar to a museum tour, an Eternal Soldier Story Map will feature the Penn Museum collection but with a focus on Veteran-curated objects united to tell Veterans’ stories.

Story Map_edited.jpg

Sometimes it is easier to understand modern conflicts through the lens of ancient wars, resulting in new ideas and observations about the perennial nature of military service, combat, Veterans and society. The Story Map will illustrate modern Veteran experience in combination with a historical perspective of military service through time utilizing the Museum’s collection. The artifacts and ideas presented in the story map need not be limited to military themes, although that would be a question for all participants.


This program will engage and partner with a team of 6-12 Veterans, first to learn their stories and important themes related to military service, and second, to usher them through the creation of the story map. We anticipate the entire program will take 8-9 months to complete, with participating Veterans meeting monthly. The Story Map will be downloadable from this website as an app.


Participants will be visited by experts from the Penn Museum curatorial staff. Veterans will learn in-depth about artifacts from the Museum’s collection and create tour content. Story Map will enable Museum visitors to learn Veteran views and insight while following the pathfinder and signposts.


This program is free and open to all Veterans. 

Want to be a part of this?

Click to email us at

Thank You to all the Design Workshop participants for your support!

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