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Design Workshops

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A grant from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation at Harvard has enabled Eternal Soldier to take steps that will help us grow.  We want to engage Veterans as partners to help us design programs that interest them. We are planning two, half-day (5 hours), professionally-facilitated "design workshops" with Veterans, where we will explore their interests and preferences in archaeology, history, and literature. In particular, our collaborative seeks to understand how ES and the Penn Museum may better serve women Veterans and Veterans of color. Through the workshop experience, participants  will identify specific steps to improve ---and expand--- existing ES programs, as well as methods to increase our organization’s attractiveness, communication, and engagement with Veterans. 

We will use facilitated discussion to identify ES program content of highest interest
to Veterans to inform future programs, events, and offerings at the Penn Museum. As activities for the workshop, we will guide Veterans on a tour and engage them with examples of museum resources and artifacts, followed by brainstorming sessions about topics and content of interest to Veterans, as well as unmet educational needs. We will also gather input from Veterans about the central ES theme of “taking old stories about war and warriors, and looking at them with new eyes.”


We will hold the Veteran Design Workshops in Fall of 2021 on two Saturdays in a discussion space provided by the Penn Museum, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. We will include breakfast and lunch. Up to ten Veterans will be involved in each workshop, as long as the safety and health of participants will not be jeopardized. If public health concerns continue, we will hold the workshops virtually over Zoom. Participants will be compensated $125 each for attending and contributing to their workshop. One focus group will specifically engage women Veterans to learn their unique needs and perspectives. 

Let’s Work Together

Please click to fill out our Design Workshop Interest Form. 

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