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Design Workshops

Let’s Work Together

A grant from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation at Harvard enabled Eternal Soldier to take steps that will help us grow.  On September 18 and October 2 2021 we engaged Veterans as partners to help us design programs that interest them. We orchestrated two, half-day (5 hours), professionally-facilitated, virtual "design workshops" with men and women Veterans, exploring their interests and preferences in archaeology, history, visual culture and literature. We also learned how Eternal Soldier and the Penn Museum may better serve women Veterans and Veterans of color.


During the Design Workshops, we guided Veterans on a virtual museum tour and engaged them with examples of museum resources and artifacts, followed by brainstorming sessions about topics and content of interest to Veterans, as well as unmet educational needs. Through the workshop experience, participants helped us pinpoint specific steps to improve ---and expand--- existing ES programs, as well as methods to increase our organization’s attractiveness, communication, and engagement with Veterans. 

In the coming months, we will post to this space lessons learned and our plans for new programs and events.

Thank You so much to all the Veteran participants for your support!